Ironing was never a strong point of mine...

It used to take me at least 15 minutes to iron a shirt. I would flip it this way and that, back to front and back again, and still, it would be creased. Admittedly I used to create most of the creases in trying to get them out, in ironing the front of a garment the back would get creased, in ironing the back... well, you get the picture.

I discovered the magic of steaming by chance. My friend was getting married and we went to a bridal dress shop. In the back I saw a lady steaming a silk dress, I watched the wrinkles melt away and that night I ordered a steamer. It isn't a fancy one, it's just a travel one ("PureSteam portable fabric steamer" - it's is pictured below on the left). I love this thing, you just hang up a garment and away you go.

TIP: try to steam "inside out" - that is, if you have a shirt to steam, then aim the steamer at the inside so point it at the back and then down the armholes. It's so quick.

See below some steamers I looked at before settling on the PureSteam, you don't have to spend a fortune, my one cost around $25 and it's worth it just for the fact that I don't struggle with my old ironing board anymore!